Saori weaving

The majority of the time I am a very serious weaver. I calculate everything down to the last thread ( even though I mostly get it wrong) , then sit for hours working on complicated pattern repeats.

Then sometimes …..


If you had been wondering what happened to some of those multicoloured bits of rainbow roving, then here’s your answer. Quite a bit of it was spun into lovely even 2 ply but some definitely had to end up as thick and thin slub in my saori project. It really seems to show off the rainbow gradient too.

For those that are new to saori then it is a kind of free form weaving originating in Japan.You can make absolutely no mistakes as every little broken thread or missed pick is used in the lovely free flowing art of it. Check out this ravelry group for more beautiful examples.

Apologies for not posting as regularly as I had hoped but lots of things have been happening to bring you all brilliant tutorials, Sunday experiments , and new patterns in the coming months. If you have a look in the mini tutorials section then you will notice there’s some new stuff there and the shop is pretty much minutes away from being open!

So many new things I can’t wait to share with you in 2014! Till then happy crafting xxx

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