Glad to be a knitter

Well the autumn chill has definitely descended which makes you suddenly appreciate being someone who works in wool! The slightly less warm weather also means I have a chance to wrap up and catch up with the cyber face of Emily O’Reilly textiles as it has been just a bit too long once again..

Firstly on a joyous family based bit of news, all the O’Reilly’s managed to get together in celebration of my wonderful sister-in-laws wedding and baby nephew’s baptism. Due to our far flung locations and often over busy schedules the reunions can be a bit few and far between. Cat O’Reilly (sorry, Cat Piramide now!) is one of those people who is really good at keeping all the extended members of a family in touch and as such created one huge family and friends gathering for a most jubilant celebration.

All the love and happiness to them in their future together, and not to mention much knitwear in our beautiful nephew’s future!!



One happy family xx


Whilst in London for the wedding we decided to take a little expedition to the V and A. I’m so very glad we did and if you are in London in the not too distant future I highly recommend you to as they currently have their Disobedient Objects exhibition on. This is not for the faint of heart as it documents items and art used in protest and direct action around the world.  It ranges from beautiful  patch work applique from Chile ,  refashioned bits-o-bike sound systems, to even an entire mosaic covered car used to protest against the death penalty.

Really inspiring and fascinating stuff, that I hope I can also use to influence some of my work in my degree.



The tiki love truck




Ian waiting to go in


More Arpilleras from Chile


Aside from lots of traveling around I’ve also been working pretty hard too. As I mentioned before I’ve started on a textile degree course with the open college of arts. I have an online student blog for this which can be found over at .

I wont go into too much detail on this blog as to what I’m doing there but its safe to say that I can now see a lot more double weave featuring in my future.


Double weave hare sampler


I’ve also finished a number of knitting projects ready to be written up and shared.


reversible rainbow cropped jumper


plant dyed rainbow shrug



bright plant dyed hues










Double weave blankets inspiring a yoke jumper

Double weave blankets inspiring a yoke jumper



….And!!… managed to put together a stall for the Lampeter make it together festival!!  This was a really fantastic day with such a huge turnout from both stall holders and the public. I met lots of new people interested in finding out what I do so watch this space for updates about courses and future demos. On the day I had a handout about solar dyeing that ran out really quickly, so I will be adding this as a free download under the mini tutorial tab shortly.


Lampeter make together festival

Lampeter make together festival


Well I think that just about catches me up… apart from the new knitting machine that is, but that deserves a post all of its own…..

I will next be out and about at the Wooly Day in Cardigan on Saturday 25th October. Hopefully see you there.

Em xx